AFNS Syllabus 2023 Download Paper Pattern (Test Date) Check

AFNS Syllabus 2023 Download Paper Pattern (Test Date) Check. Here is all the information you need about the AFNS Test Syllabus and Pattern for 2023. You can also get previous AFNS exam papers in PDF format. Once you’re registered, get ready for the AFNS initial test at the Army Selection Centre. This test is taken online on a computer, following the AFNS syllabus. To prepare based on the 2023 AFNS syllabus, read the complete article and download the AFNS Syllabus and Past Papers. These practice papers are important for understanding the AFNS test pattern.

This article provides information about the AFNS Test Syllabus for 2023. Are you searching for the AFNS Syllabus 2023 but struggling to find comprehensive details on how to obtain it? Wondering where to access and download the AFNS Syllabus 2023? Well, you’re in the right place. Recently, the Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS) has announced numerous openings for both male and female candidates throughout the country within the Pakistan Army.

AFNS Online Registration Last Date 2023 Application Form

If you aspire to establish a career with the Pakistan Army and have the goal of joining through the Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS), you can obtain the AFNS Syllabus 2023 here. Successfully passing the Initial Test is a crucial step to progress to the subsequent procedures. To access the AFNS Syllabus 2023, it’s essential to go through the entire article. This is because we have shared the syllabus along with relevant supporting materials related to AFNS.

AFNS Syllabus 2023 Download Paper Pattern (Test Date) CheckAFNS Syllabus 2023 Download Paper Pattern (Test Date) Check

AFNS Syllabus 

Here’s a brief overview of the syllabus for the AFNS Initial test. The provided format outlines the structure of the initial test for the PAK Army. Both Verbal and Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests hold significance and require practice. It’s crucial for candidates to prepare for these intelligence tests. If a candidate doesn’t pass the verbal or non-verbal intelligence test, they won’t be eligible to move forward to the Academic Test.

Intelligence Portion  150
Biology  50
Physics  30
Chemistry  30
English  50
General Knowledge (GK)  30
  • Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Non Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test

The AFNS Verbal Intelligence Test

comprises 85-90 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and candidates have a 30-minute window to answer them. It’s essential to practice in order to successfully navigate this section of the AFNS Initial Test. The Verbal and Nonverbal tests for AFNS are identical to the PMA Verbal Intelligence Test, allowing students to also prepare for the PMA verbal intelligence test through practice.


The non-verbal intelligence segment constitutes the second section of the AFNS Initial Test. Within a 30-minute timeframe, examinees are required to address 85-90 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). For comprehensive readiness aligned with the AFNS Test Syllabus, candidates can engage in online practice sessions or acquire the AFNS Test Preparation Book. This book ensures thorough preparation, and you can conveniently place an online order for it, with payment upon delivery. TCS offers home delivery services.


Among the components of the initial test, the Academic Test holds paramount significance. The subjects covered in the AFNS Initial test encompass:

– English Section
– Biology
– Physics
– Chemistry
– World General Knowledge
– Pakistan Studies
– Islamic History

To prepare effectively for the AFNS Academic Test, it’s advisable to utilize a dedicated preparation book or study notes. The Academic segment comprises 50 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to be addressed within a 25-minute duration. To pass the Academic test, candidates must correctly answer 22 out of the 50 MCQs.

AFNS Test Pattern

Test Type  Online Computer-based
Test Questions  MCQs
Time Duration  2 Hours
AFNS Test Picked  Punjab Board Books
Total MCQs  300


If you’re aiming to join the Armed Forces Nursing Services (AFNS), you can prepare well for the initial tests through online resources or study materials. You can also find suitable books for this purpose in the market. However, keep in mind that online preparation might not cover all the necessary topics for the AFNS Test. It’s better to consider using a dedicated book that matches the test pattern mentioned in the AFNS Syllabus. You can access a comprehensive AFNS Test Preparation Book that includes the Verbal Intelligence Test, Non-Verbal Intelligence Test, Academic Test, AFNS Past papers, and an AFNS Interview Guide. This guidebook is carefully crafted to align with the AFNS Test syllabus for the 2023 intake.

afns test preparation book pdf

In this article, you can find details about the AFNS Test Syllabus for the year 2022, as well as the availability of a book containing previous test papers for AFNS Test Preparation, which can be downloaded in PDF format. The post covers various aspects such as preparing for the academic test, understanding the initial test pattern and curriculum, sample guides, preparation for the admission test, test format, and insights into the nonverbal intelligence test for the Armed Forces Nursing Service. The announcement of positions for the AFNS within the Pakistan Army’s armed forces nursing service for July 2022 is also highlighted.

afns test date 2023

Date: 1st week of September 2023

AFNS Test Schedule 2023 Check Test Date

afns past papers pdf download

To prepare for subject-specific tests, it’s necessary to study Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English from FSc and Matriculation books. The syllabus details can be found below. Let’s explore the AFNS Test Syllabus for 2023 and delve into AFNS Test Preparation for the same year. If you wish to access supporting material for AFNS Test preparation, you can browse for it on this website.


SR Title Action
1. Biology Test Download
2. Chemistry Test Download
3. English Test Download
4. General Knowledge Test Download
5. Intelligence Test (Non-Verbal) Download
6. Intelligence Test (Verbal) Download
7. Physics Test Download
8. Professional Test Download

afns past papers

If you’re on the lookout for the paper pattern and syllabus of AFNS, you’ve landed in the correct spot. If you hold an interest in pursuing a career with the Pakistan Army and aspire to join through AFNS, you can access an AFNS Syllabus PDF. For effective preparation in line with the AFNS syllabus for 2023, carefully go through this article. You’ll be able to download both the AFNS Syllabus and AFNS Past Papers.

SR Book Title Action
1. Antonym AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
2. Biology AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
3. Chemistry AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
4. Idioms or phrases AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
5. Intelligence nonverbal AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
6. Intelligence Verbal AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
7. Narration/Voice AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
8. Physics AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
9. Prepositions AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
10. Synonyms AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download


The AFNS selection interview holds significant weight in determining the final merit list. Numerous candidates have faced rejections during this stage. We strongly recommend that you not only prepare for the initial test but also for the interview. Aspiring nurses aiming to join the Pakistan Army should possess fundamental understanding of the nurse’s role.

Becoming a nurse in the army involves fulfilling various responsibilities. The Army will provide instruction and training regarding these duties. Your performance in the interview will be instrumental in assessing these attributes.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Army Selection And Recruitment Centre Roomi Road Saddar Rawalpindi
  • Phone: 051-9271393 / 051-515026
  • Website:

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