BZU Admission 2023 Advertisement Apply Online Last Date

BZU Admission 2023 Advertisement Apply Online Last Date is announced here. The admission office of Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan has officially announced that they are currently accepting applications for the 2023 academic session. Interested individuals can apply online for various undergraduate bachelor’s degree programs.

BZU Multan is a highly reputed institute in Pakistan, known for its exceptional academic standards and diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. With a consistent ranking among the top 800 universities worldwide, BZU Multan takes pride in producing graduates and masters of exceptional caliber.

The university offers an array of programs including BA, BSc, M.A., M.Sc., MBA, M.Com., MCS, M.Phil, and Ph.D. To facilitate the admission process, BZU Multan provides a comprehensive admission guide, an academic calendar, and an online registration system. With transparent fee structures and clearly defined eligibility criteria, BZU Multan ensures that students have all the necessary information to make informed decisions about their educational journey.

BZU Multan Admission Advertisement 2023

The registration information for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, M.Phil., M.Sc. (Hons), and Ph.D. programs can be found in the admission advertisement for BZU Multan in 2023, provided below.

BZU Admission 2023 Apply Online

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BZU Multan Admission 2023 Last Date:

The Fall Admissions for the year 2023 are currently available for both morning and evening programs, including BS, MS, and various other programs. Candidates have the option to submit their admission forms online. The deadline for admission applications for undergraduate BS programs at BZU Multan is 29th July 2023. Please refer to the advertisement below for further details.

Following Undergraduate programs are offered in BZU Multan Admission 2023

  1. AD degree in Banking & Finance
  2. B.COM [HONS] degree in Commerce
  3. B.DES degree in Textile Design
  4. B.ED (HONS) degree in Education [Elementary]
  5. B.Sc. degree in Telecom Systems
  6. B.Sc. degree in Agricultural Business
  7. B.Sc. degree in Metallurgy & Materials
  8. B.Sc. [Engg.] degree in Mechanical
  9. B.Sc. [Engg.] degree in Building & Architectural Engineering
  10. B.Sc. [Engg.] degree in Civil
  11. B.Sc. [Engg.] degree in Agriculture Engineering
  12. B.Sc. [Engg.] degree in Computer Engineering
  13. B.Sc. [Engg.] degree in Textile Engineering
  14. B.Sc. [Engg.] degree in Electrical
  15. B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Agriculture
  16. B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Water Management
  17. B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Farm Management
  18. B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Food Science & Technology
  19. B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Dairy Technology
  20. B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Human Diet & Nutrition
  21. BA [PASS] degree in English
  22. BBA (H) degree in Business Administration
  23. BBA (H) degree in Banking & Finance
  24. BFA degree in Fine Arts
  25. BS degree in Supply Chain Management
  26. BS degree in Food Quality Management
  27. BS degree in Philosophy
  28. BS degree in Biotechnology
  29. BS degree in Arabic
  30. BS degree in Criminology
  31. BS degree in Social Work
  32. BS degree in Political Science
  33. BS degree in Medical Laboratory Technology
  34. BS degree in Sociology
  35. BS degree in Islamic Studies
  36. BS degree in History
  37. BS degree in Defense & Strategic Studies
  38. BS degree in Statistics
  39. BS degree in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
  40. BS degree in Business Economics
  41. BS degree in Education
  42. BS degree in Anthropology
  43. BS degree in Gender Studies
  44. BS degree in Heritage Management
  45. BS degree in Physics
  46. BS degree in Saraiki
  47. BS degree in International Relations
  48. BS degree in Forestry
  49. BS degree in Biochemistry
  50. BS degree in Applied Psychology
  51. BS degree in Graphic Designing
  52. BS degree in Public Administration
  53. BS degree in Geography
  54. BS degree in Mass Communication
  55. BS degree in Mathematics
  56. BS degree in Environmental Sciences
  57. BS degree in Urdu
  58. BS degree in Poultry Sciences
  59. BS degree in Information Technology
  60. BS degree in Education [Special]
  61. BS degree in Library & Information Science
  62. BS degree in Entrepreneurship
  63. BS degree in Public Health
  64. BS degree in Chemistry
  65. BS degree in Economics & Finance
  66. BS degree in Computer Science
  67. BS degree in Public Policy
  68. BS degree in Educational Planning & Management
  69. BS degree in Economics
  70. BS degree in Sport Sciences
  71. BS degree in Molecular Biology
  72. BS degree in Botany
  73. BS degree in Zoology
  74. BS degree in Pakistan Studies
  75. BS (HONS) degree in Finance & Accounting
  76. DVM degree in Veterinary Medicine
  77. LLB degree in Law
  78. PHARM.D degree in Pharmacy

BZU Admission 2023 Advertisement Apply Online Last Date

BZU Admission 2023

BZU Multan Admission 2023 Admission Guideline

Bahauddin Zakariya University is currently accepting applications for admission in various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs for the year 2023. The programs available include BA, BSc, BBA (Hons.), BS (Computer Science), BS (Information Technology), 4-year BS programs, BS (Commerce), BS (Accounting & Finance), MA, M.Sc., MCS, MIT, MBA, MBA (Banking), M.Com., M.Sc. (Accounting & Finance), and LL.B (3 Year).

Aspiring students who are awaiting their results can also apply for admission in the desired program, following the criteria set by BZU, before the specified last date for admission.

The following information provides a comprehensive guide on the admission process for Bahauddin Zakariya University in 2023: important dates for admission, the university’s admission advertisement for 2023, fee structure, merit list, available scholarships, and the admission form. The complete procedure to apply for admission in the 2023 academic year is outlined below.

BZU Multan Fee Structure 2023:

Baha Uddin Zakariya University (BZU) Multan offers a variety of study programs with different fee structures corresponding to each program. The fee structure for admission into all program types can be obtained from the university prospectus, which is available at the university admission office for a fee of Rs. 600.

The fee structure for MA programs in the morning session is Rs. 24,700 for the first semester, while for MSc programs in the morning session, the fee is also Rs. 24,700 for the first semester. In the evening session, the fee for MA programs is Rs. 36,700 for the first semester, and for MSc programs in the evening session, the fee is also Rs. 36,700 for the first semester.

For BA programs under the annual system, the fee is Rs. 3,000, and for BSc programs under the annual system, the fee is Rs. 3,200. As for BSc (Hons)/BS programs in all disciplines, the fee for the first semester is Rs. 24,700.

BZU Multan Admission 2023 Required Documents:

To acquire the BZU admission prospectus for the year 2023, visit the admission office and make a payment of Rs. 600. Alternatively, you can download the BZU admission form for 2023 from the provided link.

When filling out the admission form, it is crucial to be meticulous. Any false information provided in the form may result in disciplinary action or the cancellation of admission at any given time.

Additionally, include attested photocopies of academic certificates, merit certificates, a character certificate issued by the last attended institution, detailed marks certificates of the most recent examination passed, a Hifz-e-Quran certificate (if applicable), a domicile certificate (if required), your national ID card, and two passport-size photographs.

Once you receive an offer of admission in your desired discipline, obtain the Challan form from the BZU University admission office. Proceed to deposit the admission fee for 2023 into the designated bank as specified on the form.

How To Apply for Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan Admission 2023:

Prospective candidates are advised that Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan, Multan has initiated its admissions process and encourages applicants to submit their applications promptly. The official advertisement of the institute, which includes comprehensive information on the application process, eligibility criteria, online application procedure, and contact information, is available below and can also be accessed on the official website It is strongly recommended to reach out to the admission office for any additional information or inquiries.


In summary, the initiation of the admissions procedure for the 2023 academic year at Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan marks a significant milestone. Aspiring candidates are invited to submit their applications electronically, with a diverse selection of undergraduate bachelor degree programs available for their consideration. It is strongly recommended that interested individuals consult the official advertisement and navigate to the university’s website,, to obtain comprehensive details regarding the application process, eligibility requirements, and relevant contact information. For further inquiries, prospective applicants are urged to directly engage with the university’s admission office. Seize this invaluable opportunity to embark on an enriching educational voyage at BZU Multan in the year 2023.

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