Gamca Medical Report Check Online 2023

Gamca Medical Meport Check Online 2023

Gamca Medical Report Check Online 2023 check here. Welcome to the convenient online platform for checking GAMCA medical reports in 2023. The Gulf Approved Medical Association (GAMCA) has introduced an efficient system that allows individuals to easily verify their medical reports online. Whether you are preparing to pursue a career in the Gulf region or require a medical assessment for visa purposes, our online service enables you to access and review your medical report with ease. Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork and long wait times – simply navigate to our user-friendly portal to check your GAMCA medical report online in 2023.

Verify your GAMCA Medical Result and check your medical status online using your passport number and nationality or GCC slip number. Access the Online Medical Report Check or Edit option here. Prior to obtaining a work visa in any Gulf country, individuals aspiring to work in the medical field must undergo a medical examination to prove their good health. In Saudi Arabia, you can conveniently check your medical status online. Also, you can check the Peshawar Medical Check-up Center result online here.

Pakistan medical report check with passport number

The medical test report, also known as the passport medical report, is an essential document mandated by GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centres) for individuals applying for work visas in Gulf countries under the expatriate program. This requirement applies to applicants from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and others. If you are in Pakistan and need to check your GAMCA medical report online, continue reading to discover how you can do so using your passport number.

Gamca Medical Report Check Online 2023

Gamca Medical Report Check Online 2023

If you are in Pakistan and require your medical report checked, you’re in the right place! Our user-friendly online platform enables you to easily verify your medical report using your passport number. Whether you need the report for visa purposes or employment, our efficient system allows convenient access and review of your medical information. Bid farewell to lengthy waiting times and paperwork struggles – just enter your passport number in our secure portal for a hassle-free process to check your Pakistan medical report. Stay informed and experience a seamless journey by checking your medical status online today!

Pakistan medical report check with slip number

You have the option to check your Gamca medical report status online using your slip number. Follow these simple steps to check your Gamca test status:

  • Visit the Wafid online portal.
  • Select the ‘View medical reports’ option.
  • Choose ‘Results by slip number’.
  • Enter your GAMCA slip number and nationality.
  • Click on the ‘Check’ button.
  • Your online medical report, based on the slip number, will be displayed for you to view.

Medical report check online in Pakistan

Gulf Approved Medical Centers (GAMCA) refer to the facilities where you can schedule a medical checkup. Once you make the payment, you will receive a receipt confirming the price of the GAMCA medical test. Following that, you are required to visit the center for the scheduled test. No appointment is necessary if you simply need to visit a GAMCA location.


How to check Gamca medical report online

In this guide, we will explore the process of checking the online status of your GAMCA/GCCHMC medical report. It may take a few days for the Gcc report to be uploaded, so make sure to check regularly. You can easily check your medical report by visiting a Gulf-approved medical institution, which typically provides test results within 24 hours. Now, let’s delve into the details of accessing your GAMCA medical report. You have the option to view and download your GAMCA test report online, also referred to as a free medical report check or a medical status check.

How to Check GAMCA/GCCHMC Medical Status Online

Check your Gamca medical status online here. The AMCA medical test is a mandatory requirement for individuals applying for a Saudi work visa from countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and more. This blog post provides a step-by-step guide on how to check your GCCHMC or GAMCA medical report online through the GCCHMC website using your passport number.

The test report holds validity for visas in countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, KSA, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait, as GAMCA stands for “Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association.” The most commonly searched terms include GAMCA medical for a UAE visa, GAMCA medical for a Dubai visa, and GAMCA medical for a Saudi visa.

GAMCA Pakistan Medical Center

GAMCA Pakistan Gulf approved medical center Contact Number & Address

  1. Advanced Diagnostic Center is located at 86-Shadman, Behind Bank Al-Falah in Lahore. You can contact them at 042 3755 4259.
  2. Canal View Diagnostic Center is situated at 4 A/1 Noon Avenue, Old Muslim Town in Lahore. For inquiries, dial 042 3586 3341.
  3. Bismillah Diagnostic Center can be found at Office # 171, Street # 6, Race Course Wastridge1 in Rawalpindi. Contact them at 0515174223.
  4. Al-Barakat Diagnostic Center is located at 677 E – Shah Rukh Alam Colony in Multan. You can reach them at 061 778338 or 0092 61 552164.
  5. Alaq Medical & Diagnostic Center is situated at Green House, Allah Bakhsh Colony, Kashmir Road in Gujranwala. Their contact number is 055 4244393.
  6. Al-Hilal Medical Diagnostic Center is located at D-9, PECHS Block 6 near Hotel Faran on Shahrah-e-Faisal in Karachi.
  7. AL-Khair Medical Center is situated at Khair Mohammed Plaza, First Floor, Opposite State Bank in Peshawar.
  8. Iqra Medical Complex is located at 5-A Johar Town in Lahore. Their contact number is 04235173800.
  9. Al Shifa International is situated in Sector H-8/4, Islamabad.

Medical Report – Gamca Medical

This procedure can be performed from various countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and more. Individuals from India commonly search for the phrase ‘gamca medical report check online Pakistan,’ while those from Pakistan use the term ‘check medical status Pakistan.

Medical Report Check Online

In Pakistan, medical facilities approved by GAMCA are available in all major cities. To locate the nearest GAMCA center, refer to the following table.

Check Online

Eligibility Criteria

The criteria for eligibility in the Gamca medical examination are as follows:

  • Nationality: The applicant must hold citizenship or residency in a country covered by the Gamca medical program.
  • Visa Requirement: The Gamca medical test is typically mandatory for individuals seeking work visas in Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.
  • Age Limit: While there is generally no specific age restriction for the Gamca medical examination, age requirements may vary based on the regulations of the specific country.
  • Medical History: Applicants are required to provide a complete medical history, including details of any existing conditions, allergies, or chronic illnesses.
  • Medical Examination: Candidates must undergo a comprehensive medical examination conducted at a Gamca-approved medical center. This assessment typically includes tests for infectious diseases, physical fitness, as well as assessments of vision and hearing.

It’s important to note that specific requirements may differ depending on the country and the type of visa being applied for. For detailed information about the eligibility criteria for the Gamca medical examination, it is recommended to consult Gamca-approved centers or the relevant embassy.

Required Documents

The documents needed for the Gamca medical examination include:

  • Original Passport: Ensure you have your original passport with a validity of at least six months.
  • Passport Copies: Provide photocopies of the relevant pages of your passport, including the personal information and visa pages (if applicable).
  • Visa Application Form: If you have already applied for a visa, bring a copy of the visa application form.
  • Passport-Sized Photographs: Carry several recent passport-sized photographs that meet the specifications outlined by the Gamca medical center.
  • Medical History Documents: Bring any medical reports or documents pertaining to your medical history, such as previous test results or certificates.
  • Test Fee: Be prepared to pay the necessary fee for the Gamca medical test, as the amount may differ depending on the center and country.

For any specific additional documents required, it is advisable to contact the Gamca-approved medical center or visit their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Online Gamca Medical Report Check in 2023:

  • How can I verify my Gamca medical report online?

Answer: To verify your Gamca medical report online, simply visit the official Gamca website and locate the dedicated section for report checking. Enter the necessary information, such as your passport number and nationality, and follow the provided instructions to access your report.

  • Is it possible to check my Gamca medical report online in 2023?

Answer: Absolutely! Checking your Gamca medical report online is available in 2023. The online system ensures convenient access to your report status at any time.

  • What details are required to check my Gamca medical report online?

Answer: To check your Gamca medical report online, you typically need to provide your passport number and nationality. Please ensure you have these details readily available before initiating the online check.

  • Can I rely on the accuracy of the online Gamca medical report check?

Answer: Yes, the online Gamca medical report check is a reliable method to obtain accurate and up-to-date information about your report status. The system is designed to provide reliable results.

  • How long does it take for the Gamca medical report to be available online?

Answer: The availability of your Gamca medical report online may vary. Usually, it takes a few days for the report to be uploaded. It is recommended to regularly check the online portal for updates on your report status.

  • Can I download or print my Gamca medical report online?

Answer: Depending on the Gamca system, you may have the option to download or print your medical report online. Please refer to the online portal for specific functionalities and instructions.

For further inquiries or specific concerns regarding the online check of your Gamca medical report in 2023, we recommend visiting the official Gamca website or contacting Gamca authorities.

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