Pak Army Roll No slip 2023 Download PDF Your Slip

Pak Army Roll No slip 2023 Download PDF Your Slip Here. You can get Pakistan Army Online Registration Slip 2023 Roll No Slip. Visit, and enter CNIC No. (e.g. 61101-1234524-1) with dashes, and print your vacent post Registration Slip. The candidates can download The roll no slip byRequest the slip via the link below. Many Pakistanies who applied and noew Civilians, soldiers, and officers waiting for the roll no slip to join the Pak Army. Please note that the slips will be uploaded soon here when announced by the official site. So check this page for updates. The Pakistani army posted many new jobs for fresh and experienced people.

This announcement furnishes details on how to acquire the Join Pakistan Army Online Registration Slip 2023 Roll No Slip. To procure the slip, individuals are advised to visit the webpage and input their CNIC number, dashes included. Subsequently, they can directly print the registration slip from the website. The link facilitating access to the slip is also made available.

Pak Army Registration Slip 2023

Currently, individuals who submitted applications for a recently advertised position can access the Pak Army Registration Slip 2023. Each year, the Pakistani army introduces numerous job opportunities throughout Pakistan, resulting in a considerable number of applicants. However, it’s vital to note that once the application and submission process is finalized, obtaining a registration slip is imperative. This slip serves as a prerequisite for gaining access to the examination hall. It’s important to meet the requirements of a written exam and adhere to the merit criteria to be eligible for joining the Pak army. To access your registration slip, navigate to the official Pak Army page and input your 14-digit CNIC number. Furthermore, additional details regarding the Pak Army Registration Slip are provided below.

Join Pak Army

Pak Army Roll No slip 2023 Download PDF Your Slip

The Pakistan Army has released a notice for job openings in 2023. Throughout Pakistan, suitable applicants have the opportunity to apply for army positions online this year. Those who are eligible, enthusiastic, and full of energy can submit their applications for the newest Pakistan Army vacancies in 2023. Numerous young men in Pakistan aspire to join the Pakistan Army, aiming to serve their country and be willing to sacrifice their lives if necessary. Pakistani soldiers are dedicated to achieving global harmony. The Pakistani military has announced various new job opportunities for both newcomers and those with experience. The Pakistan Army consistently welcomes online applications on their website,

Pak Army official website

The main website of the Pak Army,, serves as your main stop for the most recent updates, info, and chances linked with the Pakistan Army. Delve into a diverse array of resources, covering job vacancies, recruitment particulars, as well as the latest news and army initiatives. Keep linked with the core of Pakistan’s defensive forces through the official Pak Army website. Uncover extensive understandings and get hold of vital services, all conveniently accessible in a single spot.

Join PakArmy Jobs 2023

Prospective applicants can find comprehensive instructions here about Joining Pak Army Jobs 2023 Advertisement. This includes the closing date for applications, roll number slips, application forms, online registration procedures, eligibility prerequisites, salary particulars, educational qualifications, training details, required courses and skills, experience requirements, testing locations, examination dates, result announcements, interview timetables, ultimate merit listings, syllabus particulars, sample papers, previous exam papers, the latest question paper format, solved multiple-choice questions (MCQs), preparatory resources, and additional details.

pak army registration slip

To submit your application, access for online registration. Alternatively, you can personally visit the nearby Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs) situated in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Gilgit, Hyderabad, Multan, Muzaffarabad, Faisalabad, Khuzdar, Pano Aqil, D.I Khan, Peshawar, and Quetta. The online registration process for Pak Army jobs 2023 is currently active, with candidates already obtaining their registration slips. For downloading the Pak Army registration slip for 2023, simply head to the official website.

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Pak Army Test Centers

Rawalpindi Lahore
Karachi Peshawar
Quetta Hyderabad
Dera Ghazi Khan Muzaffarabad
Faisalabad Khuzdar
Pano Aqil Multan

Pak Army Roll No slip 2023

Explore a multitude of employment openings within the Pakistan Army, encompassing various roles like soldiers, clerks, cooks, and personnel for the Military Police. Eligible candidates have the opportunity to access and download the Join Pak Army Registration Slip 2023 conveniently through online platforms. The registration form, specifically tailored for Pak Army Jobs, is readily accessible on this webpage, enabling applicants to input their comprehensive particulars including full name, father’s name, and CNIC details. Seamlessly submit online applications for available vacancies and promptly secure the registration slip. For individuals who recently submitted applications for positions unveiled a few days back, obtaining their Pak Army Registration Slip 2023 is within reach. Each year, the Pakistani army announces a diverse range of opportunities spanning across Pakistan that enthusiastic candidates apply for.

However, after successfully navigating the comprehensive application process and final submissions, obtaining a registration slip becomes an essential prerequisite. This slip holds crucial significance as it serves as a mandatory access pass for the examination hall. It’s important to note that successfully passing the written exam and fulfilling the merit-based requirements are pivotal; these factors significantly influence the potential acceptance into the prestigious ranks of the Pak army.

To procure your Pak Army Registration Slip, simply visit the official Pak Army website, locate and click on the dedicated Pak Army page, and proceed to enter your unique 14-digit CNIC number. Additionally, you can access further comprehensive details pertaining to the Pak Army Registration Slip below.

Pak Army Slip download

Applicants who have successfully completed their registration can retrieve the Pak Army Online registration slip from this platform. By adhering to a set of instructions, you can anticipate that your registration slip will be displayed on your screen.

  1. To begin, visit
  2. Next, select the registration option.
  3. Input your CNIC number.
  4. Subsequently, your registration slip will be presented on your screen.

AFNS Roll No Slip 2023

The roll numbers for the Armed Forces Nursing Services (AFNS) selection and screening tests in 2023 will be made available on the official website of the Pakistan Army. The announcement for AFNS Recruitment and Screening Test for AFNS – BSc Nursing (Female) and Trained Nurse as Lieutenant (Female) was made on May 29. The last date to apply for AFNS is July 15, 2023. Candidates are hailing from Punjab, KPK, Balochistan, Sindh, Gilgit, and for specific vacancies in Interior Sindh. The physical and screening tests are scheduled for July 1st, following the application deadlines. Initial tests, including written, intelligence, and personality assessments, are planned in the upcoming days. Stay tuned for exam dates to be posted on this platform, where you can find comprehensive details.

Download By CNIC And Name

afns roll no slip

To get an examination roll number slip for the AFNS, you should visit the official website of the Pakistani army. You can either click on the provided link below or search for on Google. To obtain the exam slip, input your CNIC and your father’s name on the official portal by clicking the link for advertisement details.

join pak army exam slip

The recent job vacancies that have been announced are accessible for individuals who have applied and been officially registered. An essential aspect to note is that lacking registration will render you ineligible to enter the examination hall, and naturally, without successfully completing the written test, authorization to enter this division will not be granted by the examination management.

Undoubtedly, the army holds an esteemed position and a desire to join it is widespread among the citizens of Pakistan. However, the Pakistan Army establishes the selection criteria. If you fulfill these criteria, you will certainly receive an opportunity to join our ranks. Conversely, failing to meet the selection criteria will result in your inability to be part of this department. Furthermore, applicants who have already undergone the registration process are now proceeding to enroll themselves and retrieve the Pak Army Registration Slip 2023 through this platform.

pak army slip download Issue

If you’re facing any issues while trying to download your Join Pakistan Army Registration slip, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section provided below. We’re here to assist you in any situation. Best of luck to you.

pak army slip

Download your Join Pak Army Registration Roll No Slip 2023 right here. Candidates belonging to Gilgit, Sindh, Punjab, KPK, Balochistan, and Sindh can easily acquire their slip. Following the specified deadlines, a screening examination and physical assessment are scheduled for the months of July and August. In the upcoming period, preliminary tests encompassing written, intelligence, and personality assessments will be conducted. Keep an eye out for the posting of examination dates on this platform, where you can access all the pertinent information.

Last Date: July 2023
Test Date: 15 August 2023

Pak Army 2023 Test Syllabus:

Thorough instructions for the Join Pak Army Jobs 2023 Advertisement are available right here. This covers the closing date for applications, roll number issuance, online registration, and application form. These particulars provide information about qualifying criteria, compensation, educational requisites, along with interview schedules and result notifications. Moreover, you can access details about the curriculum, sample papers, previous exam papers, newspaper formats, solved multiple-choice questions (MCQs), study resources, and more from this source.

Physical Standards

  • The minimum Height should 5’ (152.4).
  • Weight should as per Body Mass Index.
  • Vision should be as per PAO 11/82.

How to Get the Pakistan Army Roll No Slip?


Once you’ve completed the registration process, you should obtain the registration slip from the official website of the Pakistan Army. Visit, where you’ll be prompted to enter your CNIC and the name of your father or legal guardian. After filling in the required fields, click the Submit button and await a response. Download your roll number slip without delay. This slip holds essential information such as your test date, roll number, testing center, and more. Remember to carry this slip with you to the testing venue.

Pak Army Result Check 2023 

The Pakistan Army has published a list of selected soldiers for 2023 in all districts of Pakistan. This list is for people who took the written and physical tests to join the army. The list shows who has been chosen and the results of the tests. To see the list and results, candidates need to visit the official Join Pak Army website: Those who are selected will get letters for interviews or calls.

Both men and women of Pakistan who are waiting for the final list and results can expect them to be released soon by the Pakistan Army. For more information, you can visit the Join Pak Army Gov PK website mentioned above. From the official Pak Army website, you can download the list of selected candidates for 2023 or check the results.

If you want to check the list for Batch 23-A and you’ve taken the physical and written tests, you should go to the official Pak Army website: Click on the “Merit List” option and enter your registration number or roll number. After that, your final result and position on the list will appear on your phone screen. You can also download the district-wise list in PDF format from the same website.

Candidates who took the physical and written tests for Batch 23-A of the Pakistan Army and are waiting for the final results can find them on the official website: Click on the “Results” button and provide your CNIC number or roll number. Your Pak Army Result 2023 will then be shown on your phone screen.

join pak army as medical

Becoming a part of the medical team in the Pakistan Army means joining the group of people who take care of the health of soldiers. This could include jobs like doctors, nurses, and medical technicians. They help sick or injured soldiers and make sure the armed forces stay healthy. To become a part of the medical team in the Pakistan Army, people who are interested need to have the right education and training, pass important tests, and follow the steps for joining that are explained on the official Pakistan Army website.

pak army as medical cadet

When you join the Pakistan Army as a medical cadet, it’s like starting school in the army’s medical college. Here, you’ll learn how to become a doctor and work in the military. You’ll study medical things and get trained to take care of soldiers’ health and help them stay well. To become a medical cadet in the Pakistan Army, you must meet certain education rules, pass important tests, and follow the steps explained on the official Pakistan Army website.

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