pak navy Registration Slip 2023 Download PDF ( Test Date)

pak navy Registration Slip 2023 Download PDF ( Test Date). Here’s how you can get the online registration slip for joining the Pak Navy in 2023. You need to visit and enter your CNIC CARD or FORM B details to get the Pak Navy Registration Slip 2023. Both females and males interested in becoming sailors can use this slip. Keep in mind that candidates with ineligible slips won’t be allowed to take the entrance tests. The 2023 online registration slip for is available here. If you’ve applied for different positions before and need the Join Pakistan Navy Registration Slip now, you can find it on this platform. To download your slip, just go to the official Pak Navy link mentioned below and provide your CNIC information. You can easily get the Join Pak Navy Registration Slip 2023 this way.

شناختی کارڈ یا بے فارم نمبر کے ذریعے پاک بحریہ کی رجسٹریشن سلپ 2023 ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں۔ تمام خواتین اور مردوں کی آن لائن رجسٹریشن سلپ یہاں دستیاب ہے۔

pak navy Registration Slip 2023

To get your Join Pak Navy Registration Slip 2023 in PDF format, just go to and enter your CNIC or Name. We’ve made downloading simple with a provided link and an easy application process that breaks everything down into a few straightforward steps. If you have questions, ask in the comments. You can also contact the Pakistan Naval Department using the info on this page. After you apply, be patient for an HR response. Apply before the deadline.

pak navy jobs 2023 online registration slip

Download your Join Pak Navy Online Registration Slip 2023 Roll Number slip conveniently through 2023. The opportunity to Apply for Pak Navy Online Registration 2023 is now available for both males and females. Individuals who have applied for various situations and are searching for the Pakistan Navy Registration Slip can find it here. This page encompasses all the necessary information along with the registration form. Additionally, details about the upcoming Pakistan Navy Induction Ceremony in 2023 are provided, and we encourage your active participation. The roll slip can be accessed here at any time. For roles such as BPS 2005, MT driver brigade BPS-04, Muezzin BPS-05, and Khadim Masjid BPS-05, the Pakistan Navy accepts civilian applications.

pak navy official website

The designated website for the Pakistan Navy is This website serves as the hub for accessing details concerning diverse job vacancies, recruitment protocols, registration formalities, and any other pertinent updates linked to enlisting in the Pakistan Navy. It’s of utmost importance to consistently opt for the official website to guarantee accurate and current information.

www.join pak 2023pak navy Registration Slip 2023 Download PDF ( Test Date)

In 2023, we present you the opportunity to Apply Online for Pak Navy Jobs via Advertisement. Additionally, you’ll find comprehensive details about Pakistan Navy Ranks, Officer Salaries, and the Benefits provided. This platform also covers a range of job categories including Pakistan Navy Sailor Jobs, Pak Navy Civilian Jobs, Pakistan Navy Commission Jobs, Join Pak Navy PN Cadet, Pakistan Navy Nursing Jobs, Join Pak Navy as Naval Police, and various positions suitable for candidates holding qualifications from Middle to Masters levels.

join pak navy 2023

Participate in the Pakistan Navy in 2023. This involves various job openings and recruitment procedures for individuals aspiring to become part of the Pakistan Navy. For accurate and updated information regarding the Join Pak Navy 2023 options, such as job vacancies, application processes, and eligibility requirements, it is recommended to visit the official Pakistan Navy website at

pak navy civilian online registration slip

The announcement of Pak Navy Sailor jobs has led to the availability of Pak Navy Registration Slip 2023 for download. This slip includes important details for candidates interested in applying for navy positions. The process of joining Pak Navy and obtaining the slip is highlighted in a recent blog post. Securing a role in the Pak Navy is a significant aspiration for many in Pakistan. To begin the application process, candidates should log in to The Pak Navy is known as a powerful naval force, and recent job openings have attracted attention. The slip contains essential information like test center details. The Pak Navy Sailor Online Registration 2023 is targeted at male applicants interested in various roles within the navy. The advertisement in local and national newspapers has unveiled opportunities like Pak Navy PN Cadet Jobs 2023, with registration slips available for download.

check registration slip

If you wish to acquire your Registration Slip, please access the provided link and input your CNIC number. Afterward, click the submit button. Similarly, you have the option to check the outcome of the selection process using your CNIC number. Therefore, it’s important to regularly and consistently visit our website for updates related to the Pakistan Navy.

Join Pak Navy Registration Slip 2023 Download Online

Access the Pak Navy Online Registration Slip 2023 and download your roll number slip from the official website, 2023. The application process for joining the Pak Navy Online Registration 2023 is now open to both males and females. Those who have applied and require the Pakistan Navy Registration Slip can find it accessible on this platform, which also offers comprehensive information and the application form.

For those contemplating becoming a PN Cadet in the Pakistan Navy in 2023, comprehending the registration process and the significance of the PN Cadet Registration Slip is paramount. This article serves as an extensive guide on effectively utilizing the Pak Navy PN Cadet Registration Slip 2023, offering essential details and advice for a successful registration journey.

pak navy Registration Slip 2023 Download PDF ( Test Date)

Pak Navy Civilian Jobs 2023 Female & Males
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PAK NAVY Merit List Check Online
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Join Pak Navy Online Registration Slip Last Date 2nd April, 2023
PAK NAVY Result Check Online
Join Pak Navy Online Registration Slip Download Online
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The PN Cadet Registration Slip holds profound value as an official document substantiating your enrollment in the esteemed Pakistan Navy Cadet Program. This document is indispensable, housing pivotal details such as your name, registration number, contact details, and examination location. Upon concluding the application process for the PN Cadet Program, applicants receive this significant registration slip.

Pak navy jobs 2023 online registration slip

The Pakistan Navy is a highly structured government division. It has a considerable workforce comprising many individuals. The Pakistan Navy is engaged in various ongoing construction initiatives. Only individuals who fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the Pakistan Navy are eligible to submit job applications. You can easily access online job applications and application forms. Obtain the online registration slip for Pak Navy jobs in 2023, both for civilians and sailors. Verify your registration slip by inputting your CNIC number.

Join Pak Navy Registration Slip 2023 Download PDF

Getting hold of the PAK Navy Registration Slip 2023 in PDF format presents an opportunity to set your career in motion with the PAK Navy. To obtain your registration slip, please visit the official website: Enter your CNIC number, ensuring the dashes are included (e.g., 61101-1234524-1), to retrieve and print the registration form. Following this, take a moment to go through the Pakistan Navy advertisement for further information.

Pak Navy Test Date 2023

All the information about education, eligibility requirements, experience, age, and physical fitness is provided in the advertisement as well as on the official website. In the near future, you’ll have the option to access registration slips, find out the date for medical checkups, practical exams, written tests, personality assessments, and the ultimate Pak Navy merit list.

PAK Navy Date & Schedule Date
Last Date for Registration 28th August
Written Test Not Yet Announced
Result of this Test Not Yet Announced
Interview and Medical Checkup Not Yet Announced
Training Starts from Not Yet Announced

You can find the precise test date for the Pakistan Navy right here. The written examination is scheduled for the year 2023. These examinations are strategically planned to be held in key cities, namely Lahore, Gwadar, and Rawalpindi. In addition to the written tests, there’s an additional layer of practical evaluations that will be conducted under the purview of the relevant authorities. The practical tests are geographically diversified, spanning across Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Gwadar, and Rawalpindi.

It’s of utmost importance that you ensure your availability on the specified days for both the written and practical assessments. We are committed to keeping you well-informed, and as soon as the Pakistan Navy registration slips are prepared and accessible, we will promptly notify you through this very platform.

It’s vital to bear in mind that you must possess your registration slip for the year 2023 issued by the Pakistan Navy when you appear for the test. Not having this essential document at hand could potentially lead to complications or issues during the testing process.

However, it’s essential to understand that, as a civilian, your involvement in the Pakistan Navy’s events for the year 2023 is not permissible according to the established regulations and guidelines. 2023 Online Registration Slip

Individuals who have applied for various positions and are now in need of their test roll number slip can easily download it from this platform. The Pak Navy Online Registration Slip 2023 Roll Number slip information is accessible here, as becoming a part of the Pak Navy is a source of pride for both girls and boys. In the Pak Navy, opportunities for various positions are consistently announced. Numerous methods and sources are available to stay informed about Pak Navy job announcements. If you’re interested in learning about the process of securing Pak Navy Jobs, including applying and registering, we can provide you with the necessary information.

Pak Navy Civilian Online Registration Slip

Get your Pak Navy civilian online registration slip here. Download the Pak Navy Online Registration Slip 2023 for civilians, soldiers, and commanders joining Pak Navy. Your registration or roll number slips are available for download on the website. You’ll find the address at the page’s bottom. Click the highlighted link, and you’ll need to input your CNIC number to access the online registration. Remember, both the original registration application and your CNIC are required for your test; otherwise, your registration won’t be accepted. Keep checking back as this page is regularly updated.

How to Obtain the Join Pak Navy Registration Slip 2023 in PDF Format?

To acquire the registration slip for Pakistan Navy online, begin by accessing the official website at

  1. Input your CNIC number, using hyphens (61101-1234524-1).
  2. To print the registration form, simply press Ctrl+P.

Pak Navy Selection Centers and Contact Number

  • Naval Headquarter Islamabad
  • Address: Directorate of Recruitment Naval Headquarters, ISLAMABAD
  • Phone: 20062370-3,
  • Fax : 051-9261551, 9261553
  • UAN 111-647-647 EXT:62370-3
  • e-mail: [email protected]

Recruitment and Test Centre


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