Sehat Card online Apply 2023

Sehat Card online Apply 2023

Sehat Card Online Apply 2023 Now.  The Sehat Sahulat Program 2023 represents a significant advancement in social welfare reforms. Its primary objective is to ensure swift and dignified access to essential healthcare for citizens in need across the nation, eliminating any financial burden. A comprehensive guide on how to check and obtain the Sehat card online is available. According to the Prime Minister’s plans, all residents in Federal, Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, AJK, and Gilgit-Baltistan are eligible to receive free medical services through the Sehat Insaf Card (Prime Minister Health Card). The core purpose of this initiative is to provide cost-free medical treatment to families who are unable to afford healthcare expenses. The Sehat card grants individuals access to a wide range of medical services from both private and public hospitals, without any charges.

The Punjab government has initiated the Prime Minister Health Card Program in various districts of Punjab. The registration process for the Sehat card is now underway, allowing low-income families to avail the benefits of this program. The scheme is being implemented under the supervision of the Punjab Health Initiative Management Company and the Prime Minister Health Programme. To activate their Sehat card, applicants from Punjab and KPK can contact the helpline number provided.

The registration process for the Sehat Insaf Card Punjab program is currently available online. To check if you qualify, just send an SMS containing your National Identity card number to 8500. Stay connected to avail the advantages provided by this program. Prioritize your security by verifying the legitimacy of the platform before sharing any personal information.

Use your Pakistan Sehat Card In 2023 to get free treatment

Once you arrive at the designated hospital, you can proceed to the dedicated counter where a representative from the Prime Minister National Health Programme (PMNHP) will be available to assist you further. The PMNHP staff will verify your Pakistan Sehat card and provide guidance to the appropriate department within the hospital for your treatment.

Sehat Card Online Apply 2023

Sehat Card online Apply 2023

How to apply for a Sehat Insaf card 2023 In  Pakistan?

Check your eligibility:

To determine if you qualify for the program, send an SMS with your National Identity Card number to 8500.

Obtain your Sehat Insaf card: If you are deemed eligible, you can receive your Sehat Insaf card from the card distribution center located in your district.

Gather necessary information and documents: Identify the hospitals participating in the Sehat Sahulat Program. When visiting the empaneled government or private hospital, bring the following documents:

  • Sehat Insaf card
  • Original CNIC
  • B-Form (if seeking treatment for a child)

Utilize your Sehat Insaf card for treatment: Upon arrival at the empaneled hospital, approach the dedicated SSP representative counter for further assistance. The SSP staff will verify your Sehat Insaf card and guide you to the relevant hospital department for treatment.

Receive free treatment: The expenses incurred for treatment after the patient’s admission to the hospital will be covered by the Sehat Insaf card.

Today, PM Imran Khan and CM Punjab announced the Sehat Health Card for Punjab residents. The Chief Minister aims to distribute the Sehat Health cards across Punjab, with a focus on providing benefits to underprivileged families for free medical checkups and medications under the PM Health Program and Sehat Sahulat Program for the 2023 session.

The Chief Minister of Punjab has already distributed health cards to over four million families in the following city districts:

  • Sahiwal
  • Okara
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Muzaffargarh
  • Rajan Pur
  • PakPattan

Why is the Sehat Insaf Health Card important for you?

The Sehat Sahulat program represents a significant achievement in the realm of social welfare reforms, aiming to provide swift and dignified access to essential healthcare for identified underprivileged individuals throughout the nation. By implementing the PM Health Card and adopting a microinsurance approach, the program strives to enhance healthcare accessibility for the economically disadvantaged, ensuring they receive quality medical services without any financial burden.

Sehat Card online Apply 2023

Sehat Card online Apply 2023

In the initial phase, around 7.2 million families, totaling 32 million individuals, who fall below the poverty line, will be eligible to receive benefits. Individuals earning less than $2 (Rs. 300) per day will qualify for the Sehat Insaf Health Card. Presently, the program encompasses approximately 30% of the population in Punjab, and there are plans to expand it to cover the entire population in the coming years.

Advantages of the PM Sehat Card 2023

The PM Health Card offers comprehensive coverage to beneficiaries, allowing them to avail themselves of various services free of charge. Cardholders are entitled to free hospitalization, emergency care, inpatient care (covering all medical and surgical cases), treatment for fractures and injuries, referral transportation, maternity services, and complimentary follow-up appointments.

Along with secondary care services, the Sehat Insaf Health Card will also cover eight significant diseases with priority coverage. These include cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, burns, traffic accidents, end-stage renal disease and dialysis, chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis A/B/C, HIV, chronic liver disease, organ failure, oncology, and neurosurgical services.

Treatment packages Of Sehat Insaf Health Card

Secondary assistance

  • INITIAL COVERAGE: 60,000 PKR per family per year
  • ADDITIONAL COVERAGE: 60,000 PKR per family

The coverage includes the following services:

  • Inpatient services encompass all medical and surgical procedures.
  • Emergency treatment necessitates hospitalization.
  • Services related to pregnancy and childbirth, including both normal labor and cesarean section.
  • Consultations and antenatal check-ups during pregnancy (four times before childbirth and one follow-up after birth).
  • Counseling for mothers on family planning, immunization, and nutrition.
  • Treatment for fractures and injuries.
  • Post-hospitalization support.
  • Local transport cost coverage of up to 1,000 PKR (three times per year).
  • Transport arrangements to tertiary hospitals are also provided.

Priority treatment

  • INITIAL COVERAGE: 300,000 PKR per family per year
  • ADDITIONAL COVERAGE: 300,000 PKR per family

The coverage includes the following services:

  • Comprehensive medical and surgical procedures for patients.
  • Treatment for heart disease, including angioplasty and bypass surgery.
  • Management and treatment of diabetes mellitus.
  • Life-saving treatment, limb care, implants, and prostheses for burns and accidents.
  • Treatment for end-stage kidney disease and dialysis.
  • Management of chronic infections such as hepatitis and HIV.
  • Treatment for organ failure, including liver, kidney, heart, and lung conditions.
  • Comprehensive treatment for cancer, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.
  • Neurosurgical procedures for various conditions.

Sehat Insaf card Punjab online registration 2023

Residents of Punjab now have the opportunity to register for a Sehat Insaf Card through an online registration system that is now accessible. No official announcement has been made regarding a specific deadline for registration.

The government intends to distribute the Sehat Insaf Card to one million individuals across the country, including those residing in the northern regions. To qualify for participation, individuals must have a daily income not exceeding 300 rupees.

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Sehat Insaf Card Treatment list

Treatment Conditions/Procedures
Cardiovascular diseases Angioplasty and bypass surgery
Diabetes mellitus Management and treatment
Burns and RTA injuries Life-saving treatments, limb care, implants, and prostheses
End-stage kidney diseases and dialysis Treatment for end-stage kidney diseases and dialysis
Chronic infections Management of hepatitis and HIV
Organ failure Liver, kidney, heart, and lung conditions
Cancer Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery

Sehat Insaf card helpline number

For feedback, please contact the helpline at 0800-09009.

The Punjab government has introduced the Prime Minister Health Card Program in various districts of Punjab. Online registration for the sehat card is now available, allowing low-income households to take advantage of this initiative. The program is administered by the Punjab Health Initiative Management Company and the Prime Minister Health Program. If you require assistance with sehat card activation, residents of Punjab and KPK can contact the provided hotline number.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Applying for Sehat Card Online in 2023

  • What is the Sehat Card?

The Sehat Card is a government healthcare initiative that grants health insurance coverage to eligible individuals and their families. Its purpose is to ensure access to quality healthcare services nationwide.

  • How do I apply for the Sehat Card online in 2023?

To apply for the Sehat Card online in 2023, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the Sehat Card program.
  2. Click on the “Apply Now” or “Online Application” button.
  3. Fill out the online application form with accurate personal and contact details.
  4. Upload the necessary documents, such as identification proof and income information.
  5. Review the application form and submit it.
  6. Keep a record of the application reference number for future reference.
  • Which documents are required for the online Sehat Card application in 2023?

The documents typically needed for the online Sehat Card application in 2023 include:

  1. Copy of your National Identity Card (CNIC) or relevant identification document.
  2. Proof of income, such as salary slips, income certificates, or tax returns.
  3. Any other supporting documents requested during the application process.
  • What are the eligibility criteria for the Sehat Card in 2023?

The eligibility criteria for the Sehat Card in 2023 may vary based on government guidelines. However, common eligibility factors include:

  • Citizenship or valid residence permit.
  • Falling within the specified income bracket.
  • Not being a beneficiary of any other government-sponsored health insurance program.
  • How long does it take to process the Sehat Card application online in 2023?

The processing time for the online Sehat Card application can vary but generally takes a few weeks. After submitting your application online, it undergoes verification and validation processes. You will be notified of your application’s status using the contact information provided during the application process.

  • Is there a fee for applying for the Sehat Card online in 2023?

The Sehat Card is typically provided free of charge to eligible individuals by the government. Therefore, there is usually no fee associated with the online application process. However, it is important to review the latest guidelines and instructions during the application period to confirm any potential changes.

  • Can I apply for the Sehat Card online on behalf of my family members?

Yes, you can apply for the Sehat Card online on behalf of your family members. During the online application process, you will be required to provide their relevant details and supporting documents. Ensure that you have all the necessary information and documentation for each family member before initiating the application.

  • How can I check the status of my Sehat Card application online in 2023?

To check the status of your Sehat Card application online in 2023, you can visit the official website of the Sehat Card program and log in using the credentials created during the application process. Alternatively, you can contact the designated helpline or customer support for assistance in checking your application status.

  • Can I make changes to my Sehat Card application after submission?

Once you have submitted your Sehat Card application online, it may not be possible to directly modify the submitted application. However, you can contact the relevant authorities through the provided helpline or customer support channels and request assistance for any necessary modifications or updates.

  • Is the Sehat Card valid for a lifetime?

The validity period of the Sehat Card may vary based on government policies. It is important to refer to the specific guidelines and instructions provided during the application process to determine the Sehat Card’s validity period in 2023. Renewal procedures may be required after the initial validity period’s expiration to maintain continuous coverage.

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